Callback Sides

The Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society is excited to announce auditions for our 2019 main stage summer production:

Princess Ida

or, The Castle Adamant

Direction & Choreography by Crystal Dawn Munkers | Music Direction by Bernard Kwiram

Please follow the links below for the appropriate song and scene callback material for each character.

For those not particularly familiar with G&S, the songs are numbered to indicate the title. This will be the underlined number on the upper right hand of the sheet music. You can use that number to reference the song either in the full score (which can be found here) or on any of the older recordings of Princess Ida available on Spotify, etc.

If you haven’t heard the show before, I’d recommend the recent production (I think 2014) done by The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Houston. They start to have some fun with it. :)

A Couple Notes From the Director —

A theme we will be working from: Close-minded authoritarianism (King Hildebrand) versus Free-thinking enlightenment (King Gama & Princess Ida).

For King Gama in particular: I was inspired by the true story of Richard III when I pondered Gama.  We have zero evidence that he was the misshapen monster of Shakespeare’s play.  Our King Gama will simply not be a “traditional male”.  He will be gender fluid.  His dress will be on the effeminate, King George III side.  He will still be malcontent, turning his nose up at everything.  But he will not be a hunchbacked, cantankerous ogre.  It is his non-traditional a-masculinity that causes King Hildebrand to distrust him.

For Arac / Guron / Scynthius in particular: Our King Gama did not have any sons.  He trained his first three daughters as soldiers.  They will be warrior women disguised as men.  I LOVE the thought of King Gama being accepting of who each of his daughters is. 

Princess Ida

Lady Blanche

Lady Psyche


Sacharissa / Ada / Chloe


Guron / Scynthius

King Gama

King Hildebrand

Prince Hilarion