Crystal Dawn Munkers leads an exhilaratingly updated take on the battle of the sexes and the age-old need to smash the patriarchy - complete with operatic warrior maidens, a cross-dressing trio of dandies, and a bit of magic.

The brilliant, assertive Princess Ida has sequestered herself and her court in the Castle Adamant, dedicating themselves to the study of the higher arts and absolutely, utterly forswearing the company of men. And the men - including her promised fiancé, Prince Hilarion - are not taking it well.

What follows is a hilarious adventure as The Prince and his friends try to win back their betrothed before war breaks out between the antiquated men of the kingdom and the warrior maidens of Castle Adamant. Surprises, twists, and turns abound as disguises are revealed, hearts are laid bare, and magic is unleashed at Castle Adamant!

Princess Ida
or, The Castle Adamant

12 performances at The Bagley Wright Theater.

July 12 - 28, 2019.

Friday and Saturday performances at 7:30pm.

Saturday and Sunday performances at 2:00pm.

Tickets will be available on this page soon!

Members get early-bird access on April 1st.
General release on April 15th.

The Cast:

Princess Ida: Lindsey Nakatani
Melissa: Callie Williams
Psyche: Hayley Gaarde
Sacharissa: Gemma Balinbin
Chloe: Ivy Zhou
Ada: Nilam Brown
Lady Blanche: Dawn Padula

King Hildebrand: Zach Martin
King Gama: Mark Rabe

Hilarion: Colin Briskey
Cyril: Chandler T. Thomas
Florian: Andrew Murray

Arac: Christine Riippi
Guron: Karin Terry
Scynthius: Cass Neumann

Warrior Maidens of Adamant: Claire Burreson, Emily DenBleyker, Annika Knapp, Tasha Smith

Soldiers of Hildebrand’s Kingdom: Christopher Benfield, David Breyman, Trevor Burden, Max Lopuszynski, Namarea Randolph-Yosea, Kyle Sholinder, Robin Wyatt-Stone

The Crew:

Stage Director: Crystal Dawn Munkers
Music Director: Bernard Kwiram
Choreographer: Crystal Dawn Munkers
Scenic Designer: Bill Forrester
Asst. Scenic Designer: Burton Yuen
Costume Designer: Doris Black
Lighting Designer: Ahren Buhmann
Properties Designer: Kayla Rabe
Stage Manager: Liz Clayton
TD / Master Carpenter: Adrian Delahunt